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We would like to invite you to take part in our general community survey, which will be held every year from now on. It is essential for us to continuously monitor the state of the community and understand your needs and expectations.

Your opinion matters!
Through this survey, we will collect your valuable opinion that we can use to improve your experience on our platform, whether it is a particular service we provide or your experience in the game. Your feedback will be analysed and used to develop strategies to align our services and your in-game experience with the expectations of the community. We therefore ask you to take your time and reply truthfully if you decide to participate.

Do you want to become more involved? Apply for our user panel!
At the end of the survey, a new initiative will be introduced: focus groups. While surveys are a great way to collect feedback, it can sometimes be more useful to personally interact with people to gather more in-depth knowledge on what they think or believe. Focus groups consist of active users with particular traits, interests, or backgrounds, and all groups will form a joint user panel to regularly exchange their views and thoughts on subjects relevant to the community. In case you are interested in becoming involved as an active co-creator in our community, please complete the survey to show your interest in this panel. More information will be provided in the survey.

Click here to participate in the survey!

Profit from participation!
Apart from sharing your opinion and thereby influencing the future of the community in a direction that you like, you can profit in another way as well. To thank you for your participation and time, we will be giving away 10x €5 Steam Gift Cards to randomly selected participants! Instructions on how to enter the giveaway are provided in the survey.

The survey is available until the 31st of July (inclusive; UTC time zone).

Thanks in advance for your participation!
The TruckersMP Team

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