One dry sunny day, an object appears on the horizon. Even from the edge of town, it remains blurred, but slowly and surely, it draws nearer. You hear the distant humming of an engine, which for some reason slowly builds tension in the air as it closes in. The approaching driver’s hand hovers over the steering wheel for a second before taking the last turn into the main street, providing a clear view for all. You look on, riveted to your spot, and the truck you see is decked out in a paint job that you’ve never seen before.

"Wee doggy, looks like there’s a new Paint Jobs Pack in town folks!"

In celebration of the release of our Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator, and in the honor of the classic Wild West and Spaghetti Western movies, we are going to introduce a brand new paint jobs pack tomorrow along with the Texas map expansion release. These new additions are inspired by the legends, mythical figures, and the unique atmosphere of the genre, which means it will be a perfect fit while driving across the latest map expansion and vast prairies of the US.

Featuring five paint jobs for your mighty trucks and a single paint job for the trailer, wearing this new style will always make you look like the most capable person for the job when picking up the bounty... We mean, the cargo! So, grab your cowboy hat, saddle up, set out on the road, and get ready to start building up your own legendary reputation.

What do you think, partners? Will you give these new paint jobs a try? If so, we’d like to see your screenshots or videos which you can show us by tagging our official profiles on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and we’ll make sure to share the best ones. Until next time, keep on truckin'!

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