Dear #BestCommunityEver! We've got some exciting news for those who are anticipating the arrival of the West Balkans DLC in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Mark your calendars and get ready to hit the virtual roads of this beautiful region.

The West Balkans DLC will be released on October 19th, 2023!

We're just as excited as you are, and to keep your anticipation high, we've released an official trailer for the West Balkans DLC. This video trailer will give you a sneak peek of the wonderful landscapes, vibrant cities, historical landmarks, and interesting new industries that await you in this map expansion. Make sure to check it out!

Rest assured, our team has been working really hard to make the entire West Balkans DLC a fantastic addition. We've been fixing any problems, whether that is in the new region or surrounding areas, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Our goal is to give you an amazing virtual trucking experience, and we're committed to making that happen.

Are you ready to take on any challenges in the new region? If so, make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist in order to be instantly notified once the project becomes available for you to download.

We want to say a big thank you for supporting us throughout the entire development period and we hope you will enjoy everything that this challenging project has to offer. We’ll see you on the road!

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