Embark on a journey with us through the enchanting West Balkans, where your drive will be met by an assortment of landmarks large and small! Take a scroll with us as we share a preview of some of them recreated in our upcoming DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

From historical sites to modern day wonders, landmarks have always played an important role for drivers on the road, serving as a waypoint for many travellers. Today, these sites are visited by many and protected for future generations to learn about. On your virtual journeys, you may just pass by historical sites such as Trsat Castle in Rijeka, the Captain's Tower in Bihać, Stari Most in Mostar or Sokolac fort!

You can find these landmarks across country and in cities like Prishtina, where you can find The National University Library of Kosovo, the Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa with its dominant tower and the abandoned Orthodox Cathedral.

Many sites recreated hold significant historical importance, such as the Mediana archaeological site in Niš or the Museum of Sarajevo, where in 1914 a single gunshot indirectly started World War I.

This is just a handful of the landmarks which can be found in the West Balkans region, including stadiums, television buildings, cathedrals, educational centres, and more! We hope you take the time to explore and discover these areas in the near future; you never know what you might learn! Until next time', keep on truckin!

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