Trucking across Europe is demanding work, so taking ample rest is crucial for drivers, especially those on a long haul journey. Finding a suitable spot to rest can be a little challenging, but thanks to dedicated Truck Stops, drivers can unwind and sleep in peace.

In our upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, you'll find plenty of places to take a quick break to refuel, relax or roll down the window for some fresh air. Fuel stations & Truck Stops, being one the most common places for drivers to take a rest, have undergone some changes in this DLC.

Our team has created a new system for gas stations which creates more spacing options, allowing them to be expanded or built differently. This give us the opportunity to make these areas dynamic for the player. Along with this change, we've also improved the visuals with some local Balkan flare!

You'll find several companies operating fuel stations in the West Balkans such as NADA, APUS OIL and BTS Petrol, which will also be joined by other non-Balkan brands. Some of these have a more modern look, while others may show their age a little but come with some unique landmarks. But of course, these aren't the only places you can stop.

From little lay-bys to larger rest areas with amenities, there is always a place to take a well deserved break from the many highways and country roads of the West Balkans. You'll never know what you'll see around the area, so take a moment to get familiar with your surroundings!

We hope you've enjoyed taking a quick break to read about the West Balkans DLC, but it's time to hit the road again! Our teams continue to work hard on this project, and we look forward to sharing more news in the future. Until next, keep on truckin'!

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