We’ve previously slightly touched upon the topic of what makes the West Balkans DLC unique by talking about the local culture. Today, we’ll shape the image of the region even further by showing you screenshots representing the architecture, along with bits of brief information as well.

The West Balkans DLC will include a diverse range of architectural styles. Countries like Albania, Croatia and Montenegro have a strong Mediterranean influence mainly reflected in lots of balconies, some of them facing the sea (the balconies actually appear often in all the states located next to the Mediterranean Sea). Albania has something even more specific - a high amount of family houses that are always under construction.

Meanwhile, Serbia and North Macedonia (specifically Skopje) still have a somewhat brutalist character, with its monstrous concrete blocks of flats still standing as a reminder of its past.

Slovenia, on the other hand, has a mix of architectural styles, partly suffused with Alpine architecture with high gabled roofs. In old cities like Sarajevo, there is a lot of old architecture that has been preserved and stands as a testament to the entire region's rich history.

However, it's not just the diversity of architectural styles that makes the map expansion exciting, but also the fact that the dedicated team has produced a bunch of specific assets just for the DLC. These will eventually come in handy in some cities, where you will be able to get to the center and experience interesting landmarks up close!

All in all, architecture is always under many influences and we hope you will truly immerse in the local atmosphere while driving across West Balkans map expansion. We still have more topics in store for you, so make sure to follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to always be notified of any potential news or updates.

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