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How do we access the all new TeamSpeak client?

Technically everyone can right now! You can download the new client from teamspeak.com or the Windows 10/11 Windows store. This would be missing the closed beta/global chat features, but you can request access to the additional features by visiting: beta.teamspeak.com and by joining the waitlist.

I’ve registered via beta.teamspeak.com. When will we gain access to the closed beta/global chat features?

Over the next few weeks we will be letting in new testers every single day so we are really ramping things up.

How can I check if I have access to the closed beta/global chat features or not?

You can either:

  1. Simply see if the options are now available to you on the new client.
  2. Check this on myteamspeak.com and review your badges after you login.
  3. If you’re on TS3: Tools → Options → myTeamSpeak → Configure Badges → This should show you every badge that you have.

I have found a bug/have an idea for the new TeamSpeak client. How can I share this?

My best suggestion would be to leave your feedback on community.teamspeak.com . We have several areas here which makes it easier for the team to locate current or new issues, or indeed share ideas about the future of the client. My top tip however would be to use the search function in the forums to see if this has already been reported or raised before. If you find a matching forum post, you can then add to this specific topic with your own experience/thoughts. When we release a new update for the closed beta, it might be better in some cases to report your findings under those specific posts which normally appears in the announcements area of the forums.

I’ve changed my TeamSpeak account email address after I registered for the closed beta/global chat features. Will I still gain access to the closed beta/global chat features?

If you have changed your myTS email address since registering for access to the closed beta/global chat features, please contact us either via DM here or via our social media channels for more help.

Can you share what position I am in the closed beta/global chat features registration queue? Are you able to share how many invites are sent out per wave?

No we can’t, but we can guarantee that everyone who has signed up for the closed beta/global chat features registration will 100% receive access and this will be in date order as mentioned above.

For new and current testers, don’t forget to join or rejoin our TeamSpeak official Beta Test rooms! Click on the “Find Room” icon.


A “Discover Communities” panel will open up to the right. When you see the room you want to join, click on “Join room” which is at the bottom right of every room card. As you’ll see below, I’ve joined the Beta Test & Beta Test [DE] rooms, however I haven’t joined TeamSpeak Extensions, UNiTEDSB or TeamSpeak Support rooms so you can see the difference.


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