Hello truckers,

Today, we are pleased to announce another addition to TruckersMP: our very own Patreon.

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What is Patreon?​

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that helps creators while providing rewards to their subscribers. More information can be found on Patreon's about page.

What does this mean for me?​

This means you can help support TruckersMP development and server costs while receiving exclusive rewards for doing so. You can join different tiers, each of which have additional rewards that go with it.

How will I be recognized if I become a Patron?​

In addition to the rewards you receive, there will be a wall of fame on our website where all patrons are visible. Next to that, a smaller wall of fame will be visible accross the site where only the top Patrons will be shown.

Furthermore, if you are a Patron, you will see a new section on your profile where you can see the current pledge, lifetime pledge and more. This section will remain on your profile unless you decide to remove the connection to Patreon.

Note: You cannot connect your Patreon account to your TruckersMP profile if you are not an active Patron (even if you were pledging before).

What about the tiers? What sort of things will I get?​

Information regarding this can be found here. Other than that:

• The prices of the current existing tiers will not be changed in the future.
• New tiers are planned eventually, but we need to prepare rewards for those.
• Rewards of the current existing tiers are unlikely to be changed.

How will I receive my rewards?​

1. Link your Discord account to your Patreon account in App Integrations.
2. Select the tier you are interested in.
3. Link your TruckersMP account with Patreon by heading over to your profile settings while under the Profile & Connections tab.
Edit Profile

4. The website, forum, Discord guild, and game client will automatically update with your rewards immediately.

$5 Patrons can hide their colored name and badge in-game by using the /tg command. Bare in mind that this setting is reset back to visible every game session. The Patreon rank color is not final and will be changed in the future.

Along with with the launch of our Patreon page, we have updated our policy (part 2.4.1). Finally, if you have any inquiries about this, please create a feedback ticket under the Community Management category. Thank you to all new Patrons!

TruckersMP Team

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