Hello Truckers!

Community events are one of the most important aspects of TruckersMP, which is why we would like to introduce a brand new feature coming to our platform. This feature will help you greatly when organising events you create and want to attend, as well as provide an efficient way for you to quickly link your event to others.

We understand how much the community would appreciate a single, central place for events where you can schedule your own, mark your attendance for others and keep track of the ones you’ve been to. This is why we believe you will love this new feature on our website that the developers have spent months perfecting; the Event System.

Upon heading to the new area of the website you will immediately be able to see featured events, view all the events happening today if you suddenly feel like a drive with others, or pick events into the future you would like to attend. Keeping track of community events has never been easier.

You can expect an easy to use homepage showing featured events...


...and easy to use tools to mark your attendance, along with much more!


You can access the system by heading directly to https://truckersmp.com/events or by navigating to the new section on the top bar of the website labelled “Events”.

For an in-depth and thorough walkthrough of the system such as how to properly create your own events, you can read our How to use the Event System Knowledge Base article.

Please ensure you follow the rules when creating an event, which can be found here.

We hope that this major update to TruckersMP will be welcomed and appreciated by you, and don’t forget we are always open to feedback about the system!.


TruckersMP Team

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