We were holding back a bit on using the phrase "everything is bigger in Texas" on our blog in the last couple of months but in this article, it seems impossible to just go ahead without bringing the famous quote up. As you will see, even the Special Transport missions will have to reflect this legendary saying!

You might be used to us introducing about 3-4 Special Transport routes in the previous map expansions. This time, due to the size of Texas, we have pretty much doubled our effort and there will be 7 new routes arriving with the DLC! As you probably know, these missions are designed with the intention of providing the players with an additional challenge, and we hope so many options will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment.

These are the seven routes you can look forward to:

Corpus Christi to Brownsville

San Angelo to Dallas

Stockton to Abilene

Longview to Galveston

Del Rio to Van Horn

Lubbock to Odessa

Wichita Falls to Amarillo

Don’t forget, Texas is releasing next week on the 15th of November. Make sure to check out our release date announcement blog post which features an amazing video trailer that will surely hype you up for a journey across The Lone Star State. And, if by any chance you still need to add the DLC to your Steam Wishlist, visit the Steam page and do so now, as you will receive a notification once the expansion becomes available!

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