Texas belongs to one of the frontrunners in many industries in the US and today’s blog post will once again prove just that. Let’s take a look at the local glass plants and wind power sites that you will be able to check out in the upcoming map expansion.

Glassmaking belongs to one of the oldest industries. It has been transforming natural resources - the primary being just ordinary sand, and its main component, silicon dioxide or silica, into beautiful glass creations for many years. We meet these products all around us - the glass you drink from or perhaps the window of your truck.

In order for glass factories to be able to fully function and craft products, they need to bring various stuff, such as raw materials for the production of glass, machine parts, or even racks for the subsequent logistics of flat glass. Finished products must be taken to customers after removal from storage. Automotive glass for cars, glass walls for building houses, or glass bottles for a lemonade stand. It takes an experienced driver to deliver this fragile cargo without any damage at all. Will you accept the challenge?

You’ve been able to spot wind farms in the world of ATS for quite some time. However, due to the convenient position of Texas right next to the ocean, the construction of these sites and the production of wind power is very common. We know many of you are fans of the special cargo types delivered to these areas, and in the upcoming DLC, large cranes are already waiting to move the cargo brought in by you to the top of these tall giants.

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