You might remember the blog article from a while ago that was the first part of the cities and settlements coming in the Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator. Today, we are back with even more areas that are now ready to be presented to you. Saddle up and join us for another ride across the Lone Star State.


Located at the border with Mexico, Laredo serves as the main hub for transport between the two states. Apart from being one of the oldest crossing points in this area, it is also the nation’s largest inland port of entry. This is why the city will feature a large industrial zone in our game, along with a rail station and the possibility to drive directly through the center.

Wichita Falls

As slightly hinted by the name, Wichita Falls is famous for the "restored falls". Over 100 years ago there was a natural waterfall in the Wichita River’s course, which was eventually destroyed by a flood, and the city has made the decision to recreate this wonder by creating an artificial waterfall. And one more fact, the highway spans directly above the city, which is kind of cool, right?​


Ranking among the smaller cities of Texas, you can find Dalhart in the northern area. Despite the long series of droughts in the 1930s, the city became an agribusiness center for Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in 1990. While the local economy of today might no longer have such a massive reach, it is still centered primarily around agriculture.


Longview is located practically within a forest, so it comes as no surprise that this city is the hub of East Texas outdoor recreation and leisure travel. But truckers have no time for that! What you can expect instead is the industry that is surrounded by a forest - especially the local warehouse area.


While the previous city is surrounded by trees, Odessa is surrounded by oil wells, so it makes sense that the industry of this particular area is dedicated mainly to oil processing. After all, the local population and economy grew rapidly during the so-called oil blooms in the past century. Additionally, there are a fair amount of warehouses as well.

Other major cities you can look forward to exploring while driving across Texas include Fort Stockton, Van Horn, Abilene, and Corpus Christi. Every one of these additions will feature a specific layout and well-developed industry.

In the first chapter we have also shown you several settlements, and this time we have another bunch for you. Can you guess which ones are shown on the screenshots? Hint: there’s five of them on the following screenshots.

We still have some bigger cities up our sleeves and we can’t wait to present them to you in the future. If you like what you’ve seen so far, add Texas DLC to your Steam Wishlist to show us how excited you are to get your hands on this map expansion. Also, to never miss out on anything important, you can follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), subscribe to our newsletter, or check out our microsite dedicated to this project.

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