The relationship between trucks and agriculture is something that some people might find trivial, yet it’s important to realize how crucial this cooperation actually is. Gone are now the days of small-scale farming in the backyards since the modern dedicated lands are growing in size rapidly. And what better place to look at as an example of this development than the state of Texas, which has 127 million acres of agricultural land?

It is said that grain elevators are such massive and complex structures that even the employees who operate within them can get lost from time to time. While that might possibly be true, we assure you if you will see a high frequency of these buildings on your journey through the Lone Star State, you are most likely (but don’t bet on it) located in the northern area, as this part of the country features most of them.

This facility is designed to stockpile or store grain, and with over 248,000 real-life farms, you can imagine why it was necessary to feature several of these complexes in the upcoming DLC.

While vineyards are a bit less common, Texas ranks fifth in the US wine production, and the history of this particular industry dates back to 1650. After so many years, there are currently over 400 local wineries with several of these locations being the destinations of the so-called "wine tourism". And even though in our game you can only head out to these areas on a business trip, they are still a worthy sight to behold.

You will also be able to haul to and from areas dedicated to the cattle industry, which contributes billions of dollars to market products sold every year, and the cotton industry (more in our previous article). Additionally, there will also be farms growing watermelons, since Texas ranks 3rd in US production and this fruit state’s largest annual horticultural crop.

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