A new beta was released

Due to a potential threat from CVE-2023-4863, the release of the beta was carried out earlier than planned.

=== Client Release 5.0.0-beta75 06.10.2023

* Added double click to rename own client.

* Added pressing F2 in server tree to rename currently selected channel, also works for own client.

* Added German translation, contribute at https://translate.tmspk.net.

* Added presence information to contacts in member lists of group chats.

* Added error sound for insufficient permissions.

* Added host message in event log.

* Added auto-saving of a bookmark password when prompted.

* Changed the sorting and look of settings categories.

* Changed placement of behavior settings into other categories.

* Changed location of "x results found" in search results.

* Improved error messages when dragging a file that is too large to attach via drag and drop.

* Improved pasting of HTML content into the chat input.

* Improved chat re-rendering performance.

* Improved pasting of codeblocks.

* Improved copy & paste of chat messages into the chat input.

* Fixed potential CVE-2023-4863 vulnerability.

* Fixed chat history not showing Emojis.

* Fixed activities reordering when disconnecting from a server.

* Fixed incorrect spacing between search input and first result as well as between the result location and result text.

* Fixed potential error when opening server side chats.

* Fixed erroneously putting emojis in input when accepting emoji suggestions.

* Fixed Leave Room being an option in channel chats.

* Fixed client closing in rare cases when connecting to a server.

* Fixed server connections established before chat is connected not being shared.

* Fixed client attempting the same upload multiple times in some circumstances.

* Fixed pinned message context menu not closing when it should.

* Fixed change nickname context menu not working in some situations.

* Fixed server share not working correctly when a connection is established before chat is connected.

* Fixed nickname already in use showing up more than intended.

* Fixed drag and drop highlighting not working correctly in some situations.

* Fixed missing tooltips for room categories.

* Fixed email input getting cleared after a failed login attempt.

* Fixed back button on the away window.

* Fixed missing spectator line in some situations.

* Fixed a missing tooltip for the current channel chat.

* Fixed wrong icon for the changelog.

* Fixed URL click handler in the chat.

* Fixed some issues with the auto-connect feature.

* Fixed the TeamSpeak tour showing up when it should not.

* Fixed chat-syncing being blocked when fetching usernames.

* Fixed freeze when duplicating bookmarks inside folders.

* Fixed jump-to-last-read being shown in pinned messages overview.

* Fixed auto-scrolling stopping when a large message is being deleted.

* Fixed invalid recovery keys being accepted.

* Fixed triggering a notification when creating a folder in file transfer or when the file browser is still open.

* Fixed not updating a bookmark's password when successfully connecting.

* Fixed crash when (un-)ignoring users.

* Fixed channel topic not being saved when instantly applying changes.

* Fixed file not being able to upload when a finished entry exists in the history.

* Fixed file-list not refreshing when an upload got retried.

* Fixed edits not being applied correctly in some cases.

* Fixed PTT being stuck when switching to another server and releasing the hotkey.

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