Reactions BAM! Slim sidebar KAPOW! Icons and Banner in Matrix rooms POP! TeamSpeak Tour THWACK! Appearance Overhaul BANG! Icon Overhaul HEY! Bug fixes SNAP!

This is what you can expect from this beta update (Changelog and Known list below images)

  • Reactions


  • Slim sidebar


  • Icons and Banner in Matrix rooms

    Room Banner

  • TeamSpeak Tour

    TeamSpeak Tour

  • Appearance Overhaul



  • Icon Overhaul

    New Icons


* Fixed copy & pasting adjacent emojis not working
* Fixed triple-click text selection not working properly in detailed chats
* Fixed zero-width backtick in Windows 11's default font
* Fixed toggling codeblocks causing characters to be removed
* Fixed not being able to start a selection near the quick action menu
* Fixed Arrow-Up moving the cursor when using it to edit the last sent message
* Fixed ESC deleting chat input when aborting auto-completion
* Fixed direct chats not being properly flagged when moving homebase
* Fixed old chats potentially not being marked as archived when moving homebase
* Fixed reactions being rendered for deleted messages
* Fixed logging a warning about volume modifier when it should not
* Fixed various issues when using rich text editor
* Fixed error loading chat when creating a room
* Fixed not having kick / ban options in some situations
* Fixed mentions not behaving correctly in channel chat
* Fixed a crash processing hotkeys. Hotkeys might break but client should not crash
* Fixed an issue causing messages to get stuck in pending state
* Fixed channel chat on new server versions not working correctly in some instances
* Fixed unknown file types not opening on Windows, now opens the folder instead if no registered application could be found
* Fixed invalid permission check when uploading to channel chat on newer server versions
* Fixed chat events overlapping other events
* Fixed chat history not being ordered as expected
* Fixed incorrect URL being created when copying links for uploaded files that contained spaces in their file name
* Fixed timestamps in YouTube URLs being ignored in embedded player
* Fixed several causes of reported crashes
* Fixed not always opening the correct chat using UI elements
* Overhauled appearance settings and adjusted alignment in different areas of the client
* Overhauled server detail pages, unifying their layout and moving less common pages to a dedicated manage section
* Updated icons in different areas and the application icon
* Updated channel banner layout, making it larger and independent of its sub channel level
* Updated Chromium version to 106.1.1
* Updated dependencies
* Added ability to create an account within the client
* Added ability to search for emojis inside the picker
* Added icon picker to the permissions page for selecting group icons
* Added support for message reactions
* Added ability to close the emoji picker using ESC
* Added ability to jump to messages
* Added message placeholders in unloaded areas
* Added tooltip to chat scrollbar with the timestamp of the target event
* Added lazy-loading to emojis and avatars
* Added support for showing updated license agreements
* Added support for chat rooms to have an icon and banner
* Added support for managing temporary server passwords
* Added an introductory guide to the client
* Added collapsible sidebar feature, offering an icon only mode
* Improved performance in chats
* Improved performance of the chat quick-actions menu
* Improved privacy of tschat logging
* Improved experience while moving homebase
* Improved visibility of distinct mute states while using multiple server connections
* Improved performance while resizing the sidebar
* Changed location of QR code, show placeholder when not logged in
* Changed server events order, showing new events at the bottom like it is in chats
* Room names may no longer contain leading / trailing or duplicate whitespace
* Removed highlighting from inline-code


  • The QR code & mobile app can currently only be used by alpha users.
  • Room banner only shows in Room info. We have plans to place the banner more prominent.
  • Client GUI is blank? The client checks for modified files and when found file for UI is denied to be used. Please reinstall your client.
  • Tooltips opened in slim bar not always close

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