Hi ho,
Today we have released beta 65 and this update adds the ability to encrypt chats with your contacts.

For now this does not happen automatically and only contacts can be encrypted. In later versions, private rooms and contacts will be encrypted automatically.


* Added ability to encrypt private chats with other contacts
* Fixed editing the default channel on the server without making any changes

##### Information

* Encryption can be enabled in the context menu of a contact. If you experience issues with encrypted chats please let us know and provide log files. Remove a contact and add them again (and don't enable encryption again) to resolve issues in the meantime.

We suggest…​

… to wait 1-2 days with encryption and give your contacts a chance to update their client or else their older beta client can’t encrypt your messages.

Nice to know​

  • Encryption was originally added in July, but was only enabled for Alpha Testers and Employees, so it could be that some of your contacts are encrypted already and you never noticed it.
  • Wait a minute?!? So it was added in previous versions already, but the old client can not decrypt my messages? Yes we made a drastic and required change to encryption that the older client does not understand.
  • The encryption key(s) are synced to your myTS account. The key has the same AES encryption as the rest of the synced part. This means we do not know your key and it will be lost on password reset without the recovery key.
  • After a password reset without recovery key (Fallback), encrypted chats that are not in cache already can not be decrypted from your client. In addition to the myTS key cache there is an additional process to share a room key via the messenger protocol. But this requires a online contact that has the required key.
  • For contacts that have been added more than a year ago, encryption may fail because you lack permissions. To fix this your contact can start the encryption or you re add the contact and both get admin.

Notes for this thread​

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread
    . Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

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