Steampunk is a fantasy genre that's designed around the style of the industrial era mashed up against futuristic technology. Some of our earliest adopters of American Truck Simulator may already be familiar with this theme, as they were rewarded with the exclusive Steampunk Paint Jobs Pack during a limited time period.

Back in 2016, the initial release of ATS only featured 2 trucks, which made these steampunk paint jobs feel more like exclusive bonus rather than a full-size content package. With more trucks being added over the years, along with countless messages, questions, and suggestions to make this unique pack available for everyone, we think it's the right time to revisit this popular genre.

Today, we're excited to share that not only will all players now have the opportunity to own this unique paint job pack, but our talented team has revisited this DLC to bring new content for all current trucks!

This pack is the perfect way to add some personality and style to your rig, with a single unique paint job for every truck, three common paints for all trucks, and two corresponding variants for ownable trailers. With all the paint jobs you’ll get to show off your love of this crafty subgenre of science fiction and truly stand out, whether you’ll be hauling cargo across the country or just cruising around on the roads.

For drivers who already earned this exclusive DLC back in 2016, we are happy to share that you will also receive all of the described content available as a free update! We hope that you'll enjoy all that it has to offer, and we thank you for your continued support since the release of American Truck Simulator.​

We can't wait for you to try out these amazing paint jobs and show them off on the roads! Don't forget to tag us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) with your screenshots or videos. We love seeing the #BestCommunityEver come together and share their creations. Get the Steampunk Paint Jobs Pack DLC now on Steam and start customizing your ride!

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