The next episode of the SCS On The Road video series is here! This time, we’ll dive into the history between DAF Trucks and us, and talk about a lot of never-before-heard facts about this fruitful cooperation.

Recently we visited DAF Trucks' facilities in Eindhoven, where we gathered some reference materials, discussed future projects, and more. During this awesome visit, we were also lucky enough to meet and sit down with Jan Feenstra, who was originally our first contact in DAF and a person who played a huge part in helping us obtain a license to not only use DAF vehicles in ETS2, but also PACCAR family brand licenses for ATS.

We hope today’s episode will provide you with a lot of interesting information and we encourage you to stay tuned for the next one. Until then, make sure to follow us (X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and DAF Trucks (X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) on social media, and let us know how you liked today’s interview. And, as a final note, here is a nice group photo we took before we left the amazing facility in Eindhoven.

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