What a week it has been, right? A new map expansion of the amazing state of Oklahoma, complemented by our #CruisingOklahoma World of Trucks online event, followed by the release of the enormous W900 Tuning Pack.

While we are already preparing new content, news, and topics to show and communicate to you for the future weeks, we thought it might be a nice opportunity to cool down after such a packed week. For that purpose, a nice, new, and interesting episode of our SCS On The Road series will be a perfect fit.

This time, we invite you to join us with our friends from Volvo Trucks North America in Greensboro, North Carolina, where our team was lucky enough to interview Ian Anderson and Brian Balicki about the processes behind designing a truck from scratch.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy this new episode full of awesome information on what it takes to design a truck from both exterior and interior. We bet you are going to love it! Just as you'll love the future projects we are shaping together with Volvo Trucks NA.

We would like to express our thanks to our partners at Volvo Trucks North America, not only for allowing us to record this great episode with them but for all the love and support they're giving to American Truck Simulator and to our community. Make sure to visit their social media profiles (X, Instagram, Facebook) and give some love back to them as well!

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