Hello everyone,

As a continuation of the changes mentioned in the 1st Road to Simulation topic, today we're also letting you know of some internal changes that have been pushed recently inside the Game Moderation team. Our aim is to drastically reduce the amount of players that don't want to follow our rules and encourage everyone to move to a safer driving style and for this reason, we have made some relevant changes to how we issue bans.

The bans workflow mentioned in §2.8 - How bans are issued will be exactly the same, however we will issue harsher punishments on players that break our rules intentionally and commit violations due to negligence while driving. More specifically, if we believe that certain players are joining our servers solely to harm other players and restrict their freedom to drive peacefully, we will issue punishments that are no shorter than fourteen days.

In the eventuality the Game Management thinks that a user joins TruckersMP with the sole purpose to violate our rules, the usual history workflow will be bypassed and the ban length will be at the Game Management's discretion, where permanent bans could be issued regardless of how many bans one player has had.

While all this information might be scary to some, worry not, the only people that will be affected are those who have no interest to play our modification in the way it's meant to be played. This will clearly convince unattentive players to drive more carefully and will get bad players out of the servers quickly.

Lastly, we have made some small changes to the speed limiter. Staff members that have Game Moderation permissions have had their speed limiter raised to 160 km/h (100 mph) in order to let them fulfill their duties in the best way possible.

Happy Trucking,

The Game Management

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