It’s been 10 months since the first version of ProMods Canada released and while it’s taken longer than expected, the next content update for ProMods Canada is almost Ready.

What does the update contain?​

Version 1.1.0 of ProMods Canada primarily focuses on adding a connection from Vancouver to Kamloops Via the BC-99. Along the route you’ll experience the stunning coastal and mountain views of the Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Pemberton, passing Squamish and Whistler along the way.

Leaving Pemberton the route follows the path of the Lillooet River before climbing to pass Duffey Lake, winding through the mountain valley and heading into Lillooet

Once through Lillooet the BC-99 follows the Fraser River to the settlement of Pavilion where it breaks away to pass Pavilion Lake in the Marble Canyon Provincial Park.

The BC-99’s route concludes just north of Cache Creek at an intersection with the BC-97 which itself heads southwards to end in Cache Creek where it meets the TCH-1

Finally, the TCH-1 continues east of Cache Creek, through unusually desertic environments before reaching the interchange with the BC-5 near Kamloops.

But that’s Not all​

In addition to the main highways, v1.1.0 will also bring a number of gravel tracks and service roads to reach some of the more remote settlements in the region.

We’ve also included Horseshoe Bay as a city with two companies and while the ferry terminal may not be in use yet, it gives a sneak peak at some potential future updates for ProMods Canada.

There will also be other additions around the map to look out for which we may show in more detail at a later date.


As part of version 1.1.0 we had planned to include a connection between Lillooet and Merritt via the town of Lytton. We also wanted to include the TCH-1 between Hope and Cache Creek, also Via Lytton. However as some of you may have seen, on June the 30th, while British Columbia was experiencing a record-breaking heat wave the town of Lytton found itself in the path of an out of control wildfire. With 70km/h winds pushing the fire north at estimated speeds of up to 20km/h, residents had very little time to evacuate the town before 90% of it was catastrophically burned to the ground.

Due to the nature of the event and the effect it had on the population, we have elected to remove Lytton from version 1.1.0. We are considering possible methods to respectfully bring it back in the near future, but for now the town will be omitted from the release.

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