Welcome to the first of our ProMods 2.60 Previews! Last year’s previews were a success and so we have decided to do the same again for ProMods 2.60. Over the next several weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at the new and refreshed areas coming in 2.60. Apart from seeing many screenshots you might also learn something new about the places we’ll be covering as well as get a little insight behind the scenes of our development.

Today we will talk about the Czech Republic and, in particular, its second largest city: Brno, which will receive a major rebuild in 2.60. But that’s not new information. A few months ago we shared a Development Update video focusing solely on the south-Moravian metropolis. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you do so now as it will give you a better idea of what we’ll be talking about in the following paragraphs.

Present day Brno is a vibrant university city that combines glossy skyscrapers with majestic historical architecture including the city’s dominant buildings, the cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the Špilberk castle. You’ll be able to see both when driving through the city centre.

What has driven the city forward for two centuries are the industry and logistics connected to it. In the 19th century textile plants became dominant and Brno received the nickname “Moravian Manchester”. However nowadays “Moravian Silicon Valley” would be more fitting as the textile industry was entirely replaced by IT firms and engineering companies.

The development of Brno is a great example of cooperation among team members. The whole project was started by developer EG0611 more than a year ago. Later on it was continued by developers Plum and scan720 and eventually Qixiwi filled the remaining gaps and made sure that everything was clean and polished.

Speaking of developers involved, Qixiwi wants to say following:
“Despite ETS2 being a road-oriented game, I actually put a lot of effort into creating tracks. In our representation of Brno there’s quite a long tram line with several custom-made stations where you’ll be able to spot authentic looking Tatra T3 trams.”

“Even my favourite place in Brno has something to do with rails. It’s the intersection of streets Heršpická and Poříčí where you can witness a unique example of street-running in the Czech Republic.”

Aside from Brno, roads I/35 and I/43 have been rebuilt by EG0611. When driving these roads you will also visit the scenic towns of Svitavy and Mohelnice as well as Vysoké Mýto with the Iveco bus manufacturing plant formerly known as Karosa.

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