Welcome to another ProMods 2.60 Preview! Here you will see the newest development from Ukraine and Moldova. In the 2.60 update these two countries will receive their first connection, which is an important transportation corridor both in-game and in the real world.

First, we’ll talk about Ukraine. In the following update you will discover two new cities with the H-10 road extended by almost 200 kms. Our main developer in Ukraine, PapierSUHD, worked hard on the Western Ukrainian cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi. Both of them are old and unique cities with their own long stories. They also play an important role in terms of industry and transportation.

Between these two cities, there is also one small scenery city: Sniatyn, which you may have seen before in development screenshots. As you’re driving on the H-10 road, you’ll visit its city centre with beautiful 17th century architecture.

After visiting Chernivtsi, following the H-10 eastwards you’ll finally reach Moldova and its westernmost point – the village of Criva. Our relatively new developer, -GRace-, tried to make Moldova as realistic as possible. You’ll be driving through villages and towns and feel Moldova’s uniqueness in this case. This special mix of Balquanese and Soviet colorite creates astonishing impressions in Moldova.

Now let’s move south. Here you can visit the village of Giurgiuleşti, where Moldova’s only port with a connection to the Black Sea is located. That is why this small inconspicuous village at the southernmost point of Moldova is actually very important for logistics.

Following the M3 road, you’ll visit Gagauzia and see the beauty of southern Moldova. You will also visit multiple villages and towns like Vulcaneşti, Comrat, Cimişlia, and more! All of these places you also may have seen on development screenshots.

Thank you for reading this ProMods 2.60 preview. Soon you will be able to see everything mentioned above for yourself!

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