In this week’s preview we take a look at the new and rebuilt content coming to Iceland in ProMods 2.60, which includes the most brand-new content in Iceland since ProMods 2.10 way back in 2016. Developer DOWL has worked for over a year to build 300 km of new roads to drive as well as continuing to refresh older parts of the island.

The largest area of all-new content to explore is the stunning Snæfellsnes Peninsula which extends 75km out towards Greenland on the western side of Iceland. It has been dubbed ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to the dramatically varied scenery including mountains, grasslands, lakes, fjords, and volcanoes such as the mighty 1,446 metre Snæfellsjökull.

Enjoy the drive along road 54 to the end of the peninsula and the historic fishing and trading settlement of Ólafsvík where you can find a number of fisheries needing your help to deliver new supplies and ship their products out of town. Tourists will enjoy the hiking trails into the mountains and the long sandy beaches.

Further up the north coast of Snæfellsnes lies the port town of Stykkishólmur with its picturesque harbour and the Súgandisey Island Lighthouse sitting atop the cliffs. The port serves the car/passenger ferry to the island of Flatey and to Brjánslækur on the Westfjords. As is often the case in Snæfellsnes, rugged mountains rise up from the coast and continue inland.

With such small populations and little traffic, the region has little incentive to pave all of its roads. The 54 along the north coast is unpaved for much of the route, twisting its way along the coast, while road 55 climbs over the highlands, connecting the north and south sides of the peninsula.

Meanwhile, a new route has been added in the Westfjords, allowing you to make the trip to the remote hamlet of Norðurfjörður at the end of the perilous and narrow road 643. Supplies are much needed in the winter and so it is up to you to ensure they arrive safely. Make sure you go prepared for the conditions you may face.

Elsewhere you can look forward to a refreshed Blönduós, an important town on the Hringvegur (Road 1) where you can stop for fuel and repairs, as well as delivering goods to and from the shop and port companies. Gone are many older assets, replaced with higher quality ones to make the town feel up to date.

That’s all for Iceland in 2.60, who knows what the future may hold for this unique island in ProMods.

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