The month of October is behind us and it is now time to wrap up this year’s #Pinktober2022 campaign. As we promised in our previous blog post, we will provide you with some additional information along with the amount that has been raised over the year.

Throughout the entire month, we were doing our best to spread awareness among our community about this terrible disease by hosting a live stream on our Twitch channel and frequently sharing reminders on our social media. We’d like to thank everybody who joined this year’s campaign by tuning in to the broadcast or by sharing a kind message on their social media profiles using the special paint jobs contained in the DLCs. These might be small steps, but they are an important part of the ongoing battle.

Our effort was reflected internally within SCS as well by hosting an hour-long session with representatives from the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer charity organization. We are glad that so many of our colleagues attended this lecture and we truly hope that through them the message will carry on to those who might eventually find it useful.

Thanks to the amazing support from the #BestCommunityEver, the total amount gathered from the sales of the Pink Ribbon paint job packs is 47,000 USD! This sum is absolutely incredible and we thank each and every single one of you. We hope that donating the entire sum to the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer will make a great difference to those in need.

But don’t forget, you are free to support this, or any other organization throughout the whole year. Most importantly, however, donations are only one of the ways to join the fight. Spreading awareness, and reminding those you hold dear of the importance of regular health checks is what matters the most. Our health should always have the top priority and all of this information is something that all of us should keep in mind.

Thank you very much for your effort and support!

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