Our primary goal has always been to balance the quality of new content with the playability of our games on diverse hardware setups. Over the past decade, we've managed to maintain compatibility with a wide range of systems while consistently enhancing both visuals and gameplay. This commitment extends to our main titles, DLCs, and map rework projects.

We'd like to inform you that we're updating our recommended PC specs, particularly for GPU, CPU, and memory, while advocating for a shift from HDD to SSD to significantly enhance performance. The infographic below outlines these changes. We believe our revised requirements are both appropriate and timely for those considering system upgrades.

Remarkably, our hardware requirements have stayed largely consistent since 2012. However, with the advancements in our latest and upcoming content for both ETS2 and ATS, we believe it's time to update our system requirements. These updates clarify the hardware necessary for optimal performance, targeting a gameplay experience of 1080p at 30 FPS on medium to low settings. It is fair to admit that the hardware we previously suggested may no longer deliver this standard with our newer content and upcoming feature enhancements. The graphics card we originally recommended hasn't been available on the market for years, making it impractical as a reference, so updating the recommendations based on more recent hardware is warranted.

Our games will still run on older systems—we don't wish to disappoint our dedicated fans by making their existing hardware obsolete. However, the experience might not consistently meet our 30 FPS benchmark. If this is the case, we recommend adjusting and possibly further lowering the in-game quality settings to improve the framerate.

Technically, these system requirement changes will become relevant with the release of the upcoming 1.48.5 maintenance update. However, we wanted to provide this information now and explain the rationale, as we're about to start updating all game and DLC pages on the Steam store.

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