One of the cities you will be able to explore in the upcoming Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator is the city of Tulsa, which is located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma. Due to its location, the city is a convenient hub for transportation and commerce, and there will be plenty of reasons to pay it a visit on your journey across the new state.

Established in 1836, Tulsa experienced rapid development in the early 20th century when vast oil reserves were discovered nearby, attracting numerous entrepreneurs and boosting the city's population. Despite dealing with hardships over the years, the city persevered and underwent significant revitalization. Today, it is a wonderful metropolis that continues to be a thriving center for energy, aerospace, and technology industries.

When it comes to Tulsa in the game, you'll discover numerous fascinating industrial areas to transport goods to and from, including a bus factory, river port, airport, and chemical plants. For more details on these locations, feel free to refer to our earlier blog post on New Industries.

Moreover, Tulsa is crisscrossed by the iconic Route 66, offering a nostalgic charm. And don't miss the opportunity to explore notable landmarks such as the university and an impressive arena, along with a beautiful panorama view of the entire city.

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