As you may already be aware, each new DLC for American Truck Simulator not only expands the in-game world but also introduces a range of exciting additions to the game. Among these additions are new cargoes that you can transport to and from the newly added state. With the Oklahoma DLC, you'll have numerous exciting opportunities to explore and work for a variety of new industries for which our teams have also designed a few new and fitting cargoes. While these are coming to the in-game economy with one of the future updates, we believe you'll enjoy them the best with the new expansion.


Quality and clean air are fundamental prerequisites for life on Earth. However, supplying it in enclosed spaces can sometimes be complex, especially when it comes to maintaining the ideal temperature. That's why air conditioning and ventilation units are installed in buildings. These technological building security components are also crucial in the production of many products and the new cargo provides the opportunity to deliver newly manufactured units to warehouses or directly to construction sites, as well as transport older units for repairs.

Electro Transformer

In Montana DLC, we have introduced new depots for managing the electrical system, including a service center and transformer stations. An integral part of the distribution process to factories and households are the Electro Transformers, which we present as a new visible cargo. These transformers are produced in a specialized factory and distributed to warehouses and various locations across the map. At first glance, they may appear as simple green boxes, but in today's world, electricity is a major driving force that is indispensable everywhere.

School Bus

Yellow school buses are iconic symbols of the USA, and they are a must-have in ATS. While they have been present in the game’s traffic for some time, with the DLC Oklahoma, we introduce completely revamped better quality models. But that's not all. In the upcoming map expansion, you will also get a glimpse into the places where these school buses are manufactured. You will deliver components for assembly and transport new school buses from there to customers. It's a beautiful cargo that poses a challenge to experienced truck drivers due to its dimensions and weight. Just as these buses transport children to school, your task is to ensure the safe delivery of the bus to its final destination.

School Bus – Hood on Pallet

In modern automobile manufacturing, vehicles are often assembled from pre-delivered components from various plants, and our bus factory is no exception. Therefore, you will take charge of delivering bus hoods. Transport them directly to the production line, where workers can easily mount them on new buses. Sometimes, you may also need to transport hoods to service centers, as various situations during bus operations may require their replacement.

Tires – Agriculture

To ensure that agricultural machinery performs well in the fields, high-quality tires with excellent tread patterns are essential. Our tire factories precisely manufacture such tires. Your task is to deliver these tires to warehouses, stores, and directly to farmers, ensuring the smooth operation of their machinery.

Tires – Construction

Just like agricultural machinery, construction equipment also requires high-quality tires. They operate on different surfaces, which necessitates specific tread patterns on the tires. These patterns are designed to provide optimal surface contact and tire durability under demanding construction conditions. Whether you deliver them directly to the machines or to dealerships near construction sites, keep in mind that customers are eagerly waiting for them so they can work safely.

Articulating Boom Lift

The Articulating Boom Lift is an excellent aid for working at heights inside buildings or in areas with limited maneuvering space. Whether customers need to perform maintenance inside warehouses or mount parts on bulky machinery, these platforms prove to be invaluable. The platform is securely attached to the trailer, but be careful not to cause any damage. This cargo holds significant value.

Telescopic Boom Lift

For outdoor work at greater heights, the Telescopic Boom Lift is a perfect choice. Our version is equipped with off-road tires, allowing it to operate in construction environments or for outdoor assembly work. The machine's long telescopic arm can reach impressive heights, and its sturdy base ensures stability even in challenging weather conditions. This cargo is also highly valuable and must be safely transported to construction sites and factories.

Yard Truck

Yard Trucks are ideal for locations where frequent handling of trailers or short-distance internal transportation is common. With their exceptional maneuverability, excellent visibility in all directions, and easy trailer attachment, they are a superior choice for these operations compared to regular tractors. Our maps feature a multitude of places where Yard Trucks find practical application. And now, you have the opportunity to deliver them to these locations. This new version of the Yard Truck has undergone modernization, and you can witness the gradual transformation of Yard Trucks into this upgraded model on the map.


We hope you are looking forward to all of these cargoes coming to the game with Oklahoma DLC, but perhaps there is one that stands out for you personally the most? Let us know which one in the comments under the blog or tag us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to follow our profiles as well. There is some exciting news about the map expansion on the horizon, so keep an eye out for any updates!

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