Back in January, we posted a blog sharing some details on some of the Industries that will be featured in our upcoming Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator. Since then, our team has completed a considerable amount of work on the depots and placed them into the world, which we are happy to share with you today!

From Tire Factories to a River Ports, our teams have paid particular attention when creating these industries within the American Truck Simulator economy. This includes designing brand artwork for new and existing depots, which our artists have been tasked with creating. Today we'd love to show you a combination of the both, with a little behind the scenes insight for these upcoming Oklahoma industries.

As we showcased in a previous blogpost, Oklahoma will feature a range of different industries unique to the state. This includes a River Port, Bus Factory, Building Technology Factory, Gas & Chemical Distributions, Tire Factory, Furniture Store and Public Works. With these industries will come some new unique cargo additions too, which we look forward to sharing more about in a future blog post.

Almost as important as the cargo is the companies' image. Our artists have been hard at work updating and creating new brands across the American Truck Simulator world; and Oklahoma is no exception. On your travels, you'll be able to spot an array of new logos and brands, each one going through a process of being changed and refined multiple times to create a design that is recognisable to the industry they represent, which is no easy task!

We spoke with our in-house artist, Annie, about the designs of some of the brands you'll find in Oklahoma, here is what she had to say about them:

Gas & Chemical Factory
Know as ERPO, I designed this logo with a sleek, simple, minimalist design which aims to inspire confidence in the company and its services. I did experiment a lot with this one, especially with the rounded squares (as they were alot of fun to play with!). Even if we end up not using most of the designs, they can be recycled and reused later in production.

Bus Factory
This industry stood out from the rest from the very beginning. Having come with a very unique and exciting new depot, I chose to give Yelco's logo and assets a stylish, modern look - but one that also screamed "reliability". I felt like a diamond and triangular shapes in general fit the theme!

Electrical Appliance Company
Technoma's logo was a fun one to design. Since the company specializes in air conditioning, heating and cooling systems (among other things), I let these concepts inspire the logo creation. As for the assets themselves, I aimed to create a really distinct look that set the company apart from its competitors in ATS, using the "pipe" shape from the logo itself. It was a very fun assignment and I hope our players like the results.

Tire Factory
Dynamix is a manufacturer that isn't at all new to ATS, you may have encountered it in your garage before where it has served as one of our default tire manufacturers for years. It's always exciting to bring an old company closer to fans and letting them interact with it. Dynamix's logo has been given a little "facelift", alongside a brand new depot and modern signs to go with it!

Public Works
Creating a logo for CCW (Central Civil Works) was a fairly challenging task, as we struggled with the artistic direction at first. Ultimately, we chose the more modern take on the logo, in a vibrant dark green colour we considered underrepresented in our game, helping the company stand out.

Furniture Store
Creating the look of our new furniture store, Myroo, was a very fun task. Unlike with most depots, Myroo gave us the opportunity to get extra creative with the building itself. I had fun experimenting with different materials, eventually settling on wooden decorative elements, which we'd use later in the signs designs as well. When it came to the design process behind the logo, the key words in this case were family-friendly, cozy & welcoming.

We hope that you look forward to all that Oklahoma has to offer in terms of its industries. Which one are you looking forward to delivering to? Let us know in the comments or on social media; and if you like what you see, be sure to add Oklahoma to your Steam Wishlist. Until next time, keep on truckin'.

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