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Greetings truckers!

We hear frequently from users that they love to see custom content added to TruckersMP, especially in the form of accessories they can use to customise their truck. That’s why the Add-On team has been working hard on making this possible, with a new set of trailer accessories for all players, and an exclusive TruckersMP Cargo available to Master Trucker Patrons.

Over the years we have continued adding unique content to our platform, in order to improve and add to your driving experience. Back in 2022, many players will remember taking part in our hugely popular Operation HQ event. One aspect of this that players enjoyed was the ability to unlock a profile achievement. As such, we're excited to announce that there is a new achievement to collect!

New Additions​

TruckersMP Curtainsider Trailer Accessory​

This brand new trailer accessory is available for all players to equip to owned SCS trailers as an accessory similar to how lights can be attached to a trailer. Please note that an illuminated variant is available exclusively to Master Trucker Patrons.


Illuminated & Non-Illuminated TruckersMP 3D Logo Cargo​

Carry our very own TruckersMP 3D Logo Cargo on your owned SCS trailers. This cargo is available exclusively to our Master Trucker Patrons. Please note that both illuminated and non-illuminated versions are available.



As a bonus, Master Trucker Patrons will be able to receive a special achievement for their profile when they complete at least one delivery of the 3D Logo Cargo to or from any city!


We hope you're as excited about these new additions as we are!

Not a Patron yet? It is never too late!
Become a Patron here and support us in keeping TruckersMP operational and developing new features. As a thank you for your support, you’ll have access to exclusive channels on our Discord, along with the ability to Patron-exclusive content in-game.

Don't forget to connect your Patreon account with your TruckersMP account. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can find out more by clicking here.

We wish you a pleasant journey out on the roads with our new trailer accessories and cargo. Feel free to provide us with any ideas or suggestions by contacting our Community Managers through the feedback system.

Happy trucking!
TruckersMP team

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