With the final touches and tests being made to the Montana DLC, we are excited to announce a release date for this highly anticipated addition to American Truck Simulator.

Montana is due to be released on August 4th, 2022

We know for many of you, that date cannot come soon enough! To keep the hype train rolling, we hope our official DLC trailer for Montana which features the natural beauty and prominent industries of the state, will keep you content until then.

We can't wait for you to explore Montana for yourselves in the near future. Our teams involved in the production process have worked hard to create this DLC and are still in the final stages of ironing out any bugs and placing final additions into the map. During this critical time, it is important for us to make sure the DLC is ready for release. If we do happen to come across a major issue, it might be that we have to change the planned release date. We will be sure to keep you in the know if this does happen.

So, are you ready to go cruising in Montana? If so, be sure to add Montana for American Truck Simulator to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps supports our work and notifies you of its release. We thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you across the state border very soon.

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