In 2021, the U.S. transportation system moved a daily average of about 53.6 million tons of freight using a variety of different modes including air and sea. Today's blog focuses on one such mode in our upcoming Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator, which has networks stretching across the states; the Railroad.

Sixteen train lines operate more than 8,000 miles of track in and out of Kansas, and drivers in our upcoming Kansas DLC will have the opportunity to deliver to and from a busy railroad depot in Kansas City. This depot serves as a vital link to haul large volumes of cargo across very long distances. Many of the shipments bound for the railroad usually consist of heavy, large or high quantities of materials, equipment or chemicals.

In some cases, industries may even have a railroad running through or alongside their property as a convenient means to load or offload frequent deliveries. Drivers will need to pay attention however, as these areas can become quite busy with movements both on the road and on the tracks!

In addition to the logistics side of the railroad, truckers in our upcoming Kansas DLC will be able to make deliveries of materials and equipment for the maintenance of the tracks. Keeping the trains rolling is just as important as keeping a truck on the road!

With such a long history of railroads in the state, Kansas is also home to various rail related landmarks, including older steam engines that used to work the tracks, and art murals referencing the early beginnings of the network. So whilst we're out on the road, don't forget about our friends on the highways of the rails, skies and sea as you deliver around Kansas; you'll be sure to cross paths with them along the way.

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