Since you loved our latest Kansas DLC blog post in which we played the "Guess Where We Are" mini-game, we have decided to reach out to our map designers for even more screenshots and they were kind enough to provide us with several more locations. So, here goes round two - can you guess the places?

As before, your hard work will not come to naught, as those who will guess correctly in the comments under the blog or social media posts, will have a chance to eventually receive a free key of the map expansion once it will be released. We were truly amazed by the keen eye of some of you the last time and we wish you the best of luck in this round as well!

Overall, Kansas DLC will offer stunning nature, interesting cities and industries, and a unique atmosphere with new experiences. If you are looking forward to driving across The Sunflower State, add this project to your Steam Wishlist and follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to never miss out on any important updates.

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