Described as “the loveliest site in the world for a town,” Emporia was founded in 1857. Today, it is known as an "authentic small city" located on the edge of the Flint Hills of Kansas. Today's blog features the work our team has undertaken to recreate the industrial part of the city in our upcoming Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator, and what drivers can expect to find there.

Don't let the small town atmosphere fool you, this city has quite the busy industry area, featuring warehouses that supply local businesses, shopping malls for its residents, gas stations, factories and even a food plant! You'll find no shortage of delivery contracts in this area.

However, if you are just passing through, why not take a moment to enjoy some of the landmarks that can be found around Emporia, including the Welcome sign which is made from flint sourced locally.

Other landmarks include the Clint Bowyer Community Building, donated by local racing legend Clint Bowyer to give residents a space to use for activities, talks, and more!

So whether you are driving through or making a stop, be sure to take a minute to admire what the city of Emporia has to offer. We look forward to showcasing more from our upcoming Kansas DLC with you; until then, keep on truckin'.

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