Among other changes in the upcoming rework of German cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2, you will also be able to set out on a captivating journey through the reimagined city of Kiel. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of the extensive work of our map designers and show you how they managed to bring the city up to the current standards.

Kiel is a city rich in history and enchanting charm, situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea in northern Germany. With its origins dating back to the 13th century, Kiel has a fascinating past that has shaped its present-day character. Initially a small fishing village, it flourished into a bustling maritime hub renowned for shipbuilding, trade, and naval prowess.

The reworked Kiel has undergone a complete transformation after being rebuilt from the ground up. The surrounding roads and highways have been revamped, along with the layout of the city, which provides a new driving route through a residential area that leads to a bustling shopping zone and the heart of the city. The market zone features a service station and a supermarket depot, catering to all truckers' needs.

As you continue your journey, you will reach the central area of Kiel, where the Gablenzbrücke bridge offers a breathtaking view of Kiel Central Station and the panoramic beauty of the city with a number of landmarks. Just a short distance from the historic district, you can explore the newly designed port area, featuring a shipyard depot with landmark vessels and submarines. We hope the authenticity and charm of the port area will add to the overall experience of discovering Kiel's maritime heritage.

The garage in Kiel has been relocated close to the shore, providing not only a place to stay at a convenient location but also a mesmerizing view of Kiel Central Station and the opposite shore of the city. Additionally, strategically placed depots, including an IKA depot on the outskirts and the Load Unload Plaza in the city center, ensure efficient cargo operations.

The second phase of the rework of the German cities is arriving in the 1.48 update, and we hope you are really eager to get your chance of exploring a number of cities in a new way. To stay in touch with all the latest news regarding the project or the game update itself, leave us a follow on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and you will never miss out on anything important.

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