Today, we are excited to share with you some of the new content our teams have been cooking up for version 1.45 of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. This time we are delighted to showcase an update for the Krone Trailer Pack plus a special addition for owners of this DLC.

You may remember that a while ago, our teams had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Krone production plant in Werlte, Germany. We took scans and references of multiple trailers and even of the factory itself using a drone, which has resulted in this exciting collaboration and update! So, what exactly does this free update hold?

Owners of the Krone Trailer Pack will receive two new trailers, the new Profi Liner Building trailer, and the Paper Liner trailer. These new three-axle trailers will both come with retractable axles. So what can be hauled with these new trailers?

The Krone Paper Liner curtainsider trailer and Krone's updated Profi Liner Building Material drop side trailer allows drivers to transport goods such as seed bags, fertilizer, plant substrate, outdoor floor tiles, roof tiles, and bricks. You will also find a new freight market cargo for the Boxliner, which consists of two stacked boxliner chassis for hauling!

Both trailers also come with optional accessories including original Krone paint jobs, side skirts, pallet boxes, tire stores, and bumpers. This update also includes five new Krone accessories for your cabin including cute bear and truck toys. but that's not all!

We have also worked closely with the fantastic team at Krone to bring you a detailed representation of the Krone production plant virtually in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Producing approximately 30,000 vehicle units a year, this factory is a hub of activity and is in constant need of logistics. Drivers who own the Krone Trailers Pack DLC will have the opportunity to deliver parts to and from the factory as well as deliver brand new trailers from the Krone Trailer Point within the production plant where they are rolled off the line!

We can't wait for you to visit the Krone factory for yourself, virtually of course! Also, this special area may hold some surprises in the near future, which may require the help of our #BestCommunityEver! Keep an eye out in the future on our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram) for the latest 1.45 development updates and a teaser or two of what is to come.

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