With the West Balkans DLC just around the corner, we are releasing the 1.48.5 Update for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We haven’t bumped the game version all the way up by a whole number, as this update is focused on some specific content additions as well as some under the hood maintenance with code-based improvements.

With the West Balkans DLC on the horizon, we are hard at work behind the scenes, bug-fixing and polishing; making sure everything is in place for a smooth release. This includes tirelessly iterating over multiple databases with the world economy and route access topology, and sometimes implementing related code changes and cleanups.

In addition to under-the-hood data changes, there are still some visible highlights of this update - the inclusion of new map content! Players can look forward to exploring the newly added city of Trieste, along with the updated cities of Ancona and Bari. These changes were previously described on our blog, so for more details, check out the dedicated articles here (Ancona + Bari) and here (Trieste).

As you can tell, the ETS2 1.48.5 Update is an important step in preparing for the West Balkans release, as it brings with it not only bug fixes but also exciting new map content that will allow better connection to the new part of the game’s universe.

However that isn't all, as there are some changes coming in this release that were not originally a part of the 1.48.5 Open Beta, including the fact that American Truck Simulator will also be receiving the 1.48.5 update later in the month too. This is because we are introducing 2 new changes which we believe players will benefit from. These are Faster Loading Times and an FPS Limiter.

Faster Loading Times

After an update, it has historically taken our titles a while to re-cache and update navigation data. Recently we were able to optimise this data and speed up the process considerably. Thanks to this update, the loading process is around 6 times faster! This also includes loading times for the company directory, which is loaded each time you start the game, which is 23 times faster than previous builds. We hope that you enjoy this small quality of life change.

Frame Rate Limiter

This was a feature that was quite highly requested by our community. This limiter is aimed mostly at those with a more powerful GPU. It was reported that when alt-tabbed outside the sim, GPUs would run at 100% since it was still trying to render the maximum number of frames possible. Because of this, we have placed a cap of 300 FPS to limit GPU usage, while not limiting most monitors. While this is still a bit experimental, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

We hope you enjoy the little features and updates that 1.48.5 offers! We'd like to thank all those who participated in the Open Beta and helped us tweak and provided feedback. Your time and reports helped our team make changes that will benefit all players. We look forward to sharing more updates and changes in the future. Until then, keep on Truckin'!

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