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Hello everyone!

Following recent updates and changes both internally and externally, we decided to take a look at our Discord rules and have reworked them to better fit the current situation. This blog post will cover the most important changes. You can find a copy of our full Discord rules here.

- 2.06. Pinned messages and channel topics may serve as channel rules if applicable.

To clear some things up, we added this section to ensure pinned messages are taken as actual rules, and not suggestions as they were previously seen.

- 2.07. Pictures, videos and other content that encourage dangerous driving are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: using a mobile phone while driving on a public road if deemed unsafe, driving with excessive speed on a public road, showing illegal/unsafe/unfit vehicles and/or modifications. Dashcam footage is an exception, as long as you did not cause any danger yourself.

Unlike previously, this rule will start to officially get moderated throughout the entirety of the Discord guild. Media or content that is beneficial to an ongoing conversation is allowed in moderation, as long as it does not encourage dangerous driving or violate any of our other rules.

Starting today, we will no longer permanently ban players due to history. All other permanent ban reasons will however remain as they were previously. Rule 9.01 has therefore been updated to the following:

- 9.01. Punishments work as follows:
• verbal warning
• 3x logged warnings
• 7 day mute
• 14 day ban
• consecutive bans are 90 days.

All permanent bans issued based on previous Discord violations will be lifted. Players affected by this change will therefore have their punishments revoked and will regain the ability to rejoin the official Discord guild, effective immediately. Rule violations that would have originally warranted a permanent removal previous to this change, will now turn into consecutive 90 day bans, starting from the seventh violation and onward.

In order to gain full access to the guild, we ask you to connect your Discord account to our website. That can be done by following this guide, or by looking in the #connect-truckersmp channel in the guild. Due to the amount of punishments that have been altered, some minor issues are bound to happen. We will therefore welcome anyone who wishes to have us manually review their punishments to create a feedback ticket towards the Community Moderation Management.

A changelog showcasing all the changes will be displayed in the #discord-rule-changelog channel.

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