Join us tomorrow, Thursday the 1st of September, as we kick off a very special and unique World Of Trucks event - Destination Hannover! We invite you, our #BestCommunityEver, to meet us at this year's IAA Transportation show being held in Hannover Messe, Germany.

We are asking for your personal help to set up this exciting and important international event by delivering food, beverages, equipment and machinery for use by all of the IAA exhibitors, from all over Europe. This is a great chance to travel to the beautiful city of Hannover and be part of a trade show that is dedicated to the logistical transportation industry which is at the heart of our game.

Not only that, there will be a special option for players to also deliver new Krone trailers to the show, direct from the new Krone Factory in Werlte, Germany! This will be open to all players, not just Krone DLC owners, so that everyone has a chance to experience this great content during the event. Be sure to collect your Krone Cargoes to Hanover from the southern depot at entrance number 3!

This will be your personal adventure with us, and we've got some great rewards on offer, including a World of Trucks Achievement and no less than 3 special cabin items for you, including something very special and never seen before. It's our way of saying thank you for taking part in the set up.


Using External Contracts, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, your personal goal is to complete a total of 7 deliveries of cargo to the Hannover Messe in Germany to help set up the IAA Transportation show.

At least 1 of these deliveries must be a Krone Trailer, of any type, from the Krone Factory in Werlte Germany, with the remaining deliveries being any cargo from anywhere.

All jobs for the event need to be at least 200 km or more.


  • Personal goal: Players that complete 7 or more deliveries of cargo to supply the IAA Transportation show at the Hannover Messe, will gain a personal World of Trucks Achievement along with 3 unique, show related, cabin items:
    • A futuristic concept truck hologram, Driving the Future, in the spirit of the IAA Transportation show
  • A neat souvenir Hannover City Mug
  • A very cool looking Krone Lunch Box

All rewards are Steam inventory items for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The event will be concluded on Sunday the 25th of September at 23:59 UTC.

We eagerly await your stories and photos from your trip to Hannover and Werlte this year, we think this event is going to be a lot of fun for everyone and it's really something quite new to experience in the game! So please, share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #DestinationHannover on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and we will share our favourite ones (we may even feature some of them in a future blog post!).

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