It's Christmas time, the stars are bright
You turn the key and with delight
The engine roars to set you free.
There’s no place you would rather be.

For Christmas is that time of year
We come together with good cheer,
To give, receive, and cherish all.
So, haul for one and one for haul.
And as you’re driving down the road,
Your truck and trailer Christmas load
Reminds you what it’s all about,
It’s not to buy the shops all out.

No! Haul for one and one for haul.
Your Christmas trailer says it all!

It shows we can perhaps reflect
On days gone by and self respect,
On Peace and Love and all those things,
Not only on what Santa brings!
There’s Hope to gain from seeing where
Your efforts have been made with Care
And lifted those who saw the light
Of you with your truck shining bright.

So, haul for one and one for haul.
Peace, Love and Hope with Care for all

Then light the way for all around
And bring to those what you have found.
Not only gifts but so much more
To leave upon their snow swept door.
For Peace and Love belongs to all,
And Hope and Care will stay the fall
Of those who are in need of you.
It may just be one thing you do.

Yes, haul for one and one for haul.
Christmas Reflections big and small!

And when it all is said and done,
Take comfort in your knowledge won
That all of this is free to you.
You only have to think it through,
And act on what you know is best
To bring about the Christmas fest!

So, haul for one and one for haul
And Very Merry Christmas All!

Our #BestCommunityEver, we present to you our Christmas Reflections event for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator! We invite you to join us to reflect on four important things - Love, Peace, Hope, and Care, as we believe that the positivity that can come from sharing them with those you hold dear or those in need is worth reflecting on.

This Christmas we are asking you to deliver Gifts cargo to and from all cities, we will then be awarding Gifts to those cities, based on the number of deliveries it gives or receives. We challenge the community to get 400 Gifts awarded to cities across all trucking territories for each of five tiers

You’ll be able to track the community progress on World of Trucks or directly in the game using the updated External Contracts interface.

As tier rewards, players will receive beautifully crafted cabin items, each representing one of the four thoughts and Christmas reflections, as well as a stunning trailer paint job the combines them all creating a legendary combination!

Not only that, on Tuesday the 20th of December, from 18:00 CET we also have our annual Christmas Stream featuring Pavel Šebor! Who knows exactly what will be revealed during the show, but one thing for sure is that there will be plenty of fun and good cheer with Steam key giveaways, and 2 awesome Thrustmaster® T248s to give away, thanks to our friends over at Thrustmaster. The stream will take place on our Twitch channel, so don't miss it!

Your #Christmas Reflections event has also a new Desktop Background Theme this year, following on from the success of our Happy Hauloween event desktop theme. We thought we'd give it another go for everyone and this time we think we've created something really peaceful and calming for your Christmas gaming experience. It will be there for the duration of the event to help boost the Christmas spirit for you!
Christmas Reflections Event Rules:

Using External Contracts with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, or both, the community goal is to award at least 2,000 Gifts to as many cities as possible across all trucking territories.

For a city to receive 1 Gift the community needs to complete 1000 deliveries to or from it, using the provided Gifts cargo. Every city can receive up to 10 Gifts!

A unique community reward will be unlocked for each tier of 400 Gifts awarded, with 5 tiers in total.

Your personal goal is to complete at least 15 deliveries of Gifts cargo in either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator or both games combined.

  • Personal: Your contribution of 15 or more deliveries of Gifts cargo will gain you:
    • A special World of Trucks Achievement.
    • A very cool, neon-themed, truck paint job "Lines of Reflection".

  • Community: There will be 5 tiers to unlock. Each tier will bring a special cabin item reward for both games, based on the themes of love, peace, hope, and care, with the final tier offering a beautiful matching trailer paint job "Lines of Reflection", so let's haul!

Track the community progress within the game using the External Contracts UI or view a full breakdown of the Event Community Goal status here.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Once completed, claim your reward on the Events page on your World of Trucks profile.

The event will be concluded on Sunday the 15th of January 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

As always, we really look forward to hearing about your thoughtful Christmas Reflections road trip this year, and we would love to see more photos from you while you are achieving your goals and receiving your well-earned rewards this special season of giving. Share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #ChristmasReflections on our Facebook ATS / ETS2, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and we will share our favorite ones.

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