It’s been over a year since we last updated ProMods Canada with new content. We understand and share the sentiment that progress in ProMods Canada has been slow. As a small team with limited resources, we acknowledge that we cannot change this reality overnight. While we’re still a while away from releasing ProMods Canada’s next big update, we can at least share with you what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Improved weather effects​

A neat change that will be included in ProMods Canada 1.2.4 is the addition of atmospheric bad weather effects. Now, during times of bad weather, you will notice the mountainous areas of British Columbia become surrounded by low altitude clouds and fog. Places such as the Coquihalla Highway are truly awe-inspiring; winding through majestic mountains and offering breathtaking views that many of our players have come to appreciate. These areas are now even more immersive during poor weather.

These changes are implemented manually as part of the map itself, and as a result the effect will not be affected by graphics mods, nor will they appear outside of areas included in our mod.

Check out the before and after shots below:

Venturing into Alberta​

Over the past year, development has been focused in two directions: east and north. Expanding our horizons eastwards beyond British Columbia, we have set our sights on Alberta. Our primary objective is to recreate the Trans Canada Highway 1 (TCH-1) and the Crowsnest Highway (BC-3), extending eastwards. While we have made significant progress in certain areas, there is still much work to be done in others. Take a look at the images below to see the progress we have made so far:

Northern advances: The “Islands” approach​

In parallel we are developing more remote areas, such as Prince Rupert. This decision was primarily made for organisational reasons and due to the freedom for our developers to choose where they wish to develop. While these areas are nearly completed, they currently lack road connections to the rest of the road network. Our plan is to ensure that these places are accessible by ferry (most likely via Vancouver Island), allowing people to enjoy the finished areas as we continue working on the road connections.

Looking ahead​

While we acknowledge the slow pace of progress and share the frustration it brings, we want to assure you that our commitment to delivering updates for ProMods Canada remains firm. We have numerous plans and ideas, but regrettably, time constraints limit our ability to implement them as quickly as we would like. We hope that these updates provide you with more insight into our progress and what you can expect in the future. We appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to bring our plans to fruition in due time.

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