They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the updates! In our upcoming 1.48 update for American Truck Simulator, our talented team has revisited the state to bring an update that fits the boot; including roads, landmarks, depots, and more. Let's dive into what our team has been working on.

We've been busy upgrading the road network! The equivalent of 500 real miles have been added over 8 different roads, interstates, and highways; including one of the most well-known interchanges in Texas. Nicknamed the 'High Five', it is one of the first five-level stacks interchanges to be built in Dallas. Its distinctive design features two high-level flyover ramps crossing over the lower-level lanes, creating a "high-five" configuration, to help ease traffic in the area.

Keeping on the topic of five, drivers will be able to drive through five new settlements. These new areas are Greenville, Shamrock, Sherman, De Kalb, and Paris; oui, it's true! We hope you enjoy passing through these charming settlements which have lots of little details to look out for.

Another big addition to this update is the addition of Texarkana; a unique city that straddles the border between Texas and Arkansas, with the state line running through the center of the city. Drivers will find plenty of jobs in the area, thanks to its strategic location of being between several major highways.

Every project has a foundation, including our newest depot in American Truck Simulator; a construction pit. Here you'll find the job site actively working hard to build from the ground up, quite literally!

Along with all of the above, you'll also find plenty of new Landmarks, rest areas, truck stops, hidden roads, and more. We can't wait for you to explore it for yourselves in the near future. We are happy to share that this update will be free for all owners of the Texas DLC.

We hope you enjoy this preview of what is in store for Texas and 1.48 in the American Truck Simulator. We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future. Until then, stay safe and keep on truckin'!

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