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It has been a year since we launched our Patreon campaign. As you might know, we currently have 3 tiers. These are $1, $3 and $5. The ones who have chosen to “donate” $5 monthly, get in-game rewards. Those rewards are a coloured name and badge. Currently, it is not possible for the person who subscribes, to see their own name and badge. We will work on making this visible.

Quite some time ago, we decided to make a Patron-only post to ask for their opinions, to see what they would like to receive in return for their monthly subscription. There was a big response to this and we think that multiple rewards are worth looking into. Aside from that, we have also been discussing internally what we can give in return for the subscription.

As we just reached the milestone of having this campaign for a year, we got some more news regarding rewards. To celebrate the anniversary, we will bring a Patron-only skin (for ownable trailers) to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. After a couple of weeks, this skin will be removed and a new one will be added. This newly added skin will then remain on the servers. Please note, those skins are only available for Patrons with game benefits.

We are also working on a new piece of content which will be available to all players, but there will be extra content available for Patrons with game benefits; a fully custom set of trailers, with a large variety of customisation options built-in. All players will have access to these trailers and basic customisations, but Patrons with game benefits will be able to use an additional customisation pack for these trailers. These are expected in early 2021.

Obviously, there are multiple things we would like to provide to you guys, things which are sadly not possible at this time of speaking. Though, we can assure you that we are looking into optimising our current infrastructure and solutions to provide these features to the community. Some examples of such things are VTC/personal skins and the new game mode which was teased a long time ago:

VTC/personal skins: We are going to see a lot of skins when we bring this feature. Our current solutions can not handle this, which means huge reworks are needed. Having so many skins will also lead to bandwidth issues we will have to look into.

New game mode: Due to repeated changes in the code (and us not having access to the source code), we have sadly not been able to provide the new game mode. Creating an own solution for this would require a lot of developer input for this. Sadly, the developers can currently not invest time in this due to IRL responsibilities and working on other things which are high priority. (Something more regarding a developer will be mentioned down below).

Additional things that are in the works:

  • A whole different way to play TruckersMP, based on many suggestions from the community (for everyone in the community, maybe additional content for Patrons)
  • Early access program for Patrons
  • Hiring a developer to produce more content in the best possible way, so we can give more things to the community (the Patreon campaign is vital for this to happen, as we can only achieve this if we have a steady income for the project)

We want to thank all of you for your continuous support.

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