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The first-ever TeamSpeak Gameday

All in all, this is a small but sweet event that we want to host while you’re all waiting for the Open Beta to launch hopefully soon, giving you (our community) a chance to not only play with TS Staff but also get the chance to win some cool badges. TeamSpeak Gameday may also develop into something bigger in the future, if you really like this idea and enough people participate, we would love to expand it to other fields.

The first TeamSpeak Gameday will take place on our TeamSpeak (5) Beta Community Server on 2022-07-08T16:00:00Z UTC, which can be reached at ‘beta.voice.teamspeak.com

NOTE: The Beta Server can only be connected to by using the TeamSpeak (5) Clients at this moment. If you don’t have the TeamSpeak (5) Client yet, you can download it for FREE from our Website right here: TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak 5. You do NOT require Closed Beta Access to be able to connect to ANY TeamSpeak Servers, but if you would like to gain access you can simply use the Global Beta Code MULTIPASS which will grant you instant access to the Closed Beta.

Which games will we be playing? 🕹️

Generally, we will opt for free-to-play games so that everyone has a chance to win the Event Badge or if they simply just want to join the game and have some fun. Our game of choice will be Fall Guys (which recently became F2P on Epic Games), as it gives us an easy way to host custom lobbies for up to 60 players with no problems whatsoever.

If you don’t have Fall Guys yet, click on the image below, this will redirect you to the store page

Fall Guys - Epic Games

What about the 'Event Badge' 👀

Yes, yes… We know that badges are an essential part of TeamSpeak, so we’ve prepared something for those who take home the crown… BUT you have to compete in the battle before you can lay your eyes on the shiny prize! The badge will be awarded to those who win the crown (essentially win the game). We’ll note their myTeamSpeak usernames and assign the badge shortly after the end of the Gameday.

Event Badge Mystery

  1. English only: We want to make sure that more participants can join in the conversations.
  2. Under no circumstances are offensive usernames (TeamSpeak or In-Game) allowed.
  3. Please respect everyone, regardless of age or ability.
  4. Offensive or harmful messages against event participants will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification/kick or ban from the event and the TeamSpeak Server.
  5. ONE badge per person. Even if the participant wins again, no second prize badge will be granted.
  6. If a participant has already won once, that person can still participate in the game, provided that there is still a spot available and there is no one waiting in the lobby that hasn’t played yet.
  7. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time.

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