Welcome to Rolla, Missouri, a vibrant city where history, innovation, and natural beauty converge. Today we are happy to share with you more about this area, which drivers will be able to visit on their journey in our upcoming Missouri DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Home to students from the states and beyond, Rolla is a hub of innovation and education, anchored by the renowned Missouri University of Science and Technology, one of the leading technical universities in the US, known for its programs in engineering, science, and technology. Drivers delivering in Rolla may even route through some of the areas around the university, which our map team has recreated in this DLC.

Located in the Ozarks, a region known for its beautiful landscapes and conservation areas, Rolla has a lot to offer for both visitors and residents alike. From nature, to landmarks such as a minimalist version of Stonehenge, we urge truckers to take the time to check it all out! One road drivers should not miss is the Historic Route 66, which Rolla is located along. You'll be sure to find references to this famous highway around the area.

Looking for work? You'll find the usual city industries to deliver to, including supermarkets, warehouses and even to a heavy machinery service site. You'll also find two unique depots located near the city, a Quarry and Timber harvest site, both which are custom built. We are sure you'll enjoy these industries large and small.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at Rolla, and we look forward to highlighting more cities, industries and more from our upcoming Missouri DLC in the future. If you like what you see, be sure to add Missouri to your Steam Wishlist and thank you for your on-going support! Until next time, keep on truckin'.

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