We're excited to announce that Scania Trucks will be joining our electric line up in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the Scania 40 S and 45 S Battery Electric Vehicle, which are now available to drive through the Quick Jobs section in-game. Ready for some new energy? Let's take a closer look at this new addition!

The Scania 40 S and 45 S featured in ETS2 are based on the Scania S‑series with a 4x2 Chassis and features a six-speed transmission combined with three electric motors with a continuous power output of 400/450 kW (540/610 hp). With a battery capacity of 624 kWh, it can achieve a distance of up to 520km in a single journey, depending on the Gross Weight of the Trailer.

The interior comes with a few specific changes for the electric variant. BEV-specific gauges are introduced alongside a refreshed interior that includes Blind Spot Indicators built into the A‑pillars, an electronic parking brake, as well as some smaller changes to the drivers dashboard.

We're also happy to share that our team have re-created a special paintjob which will be applied to the Scania S BEV. Drivers can enjoy trucking and making deliveries with the 'Take Charge' livery, which features a 'Glacier White' & Blue gradient and the texts '100% Electric' & 'Take Charge'.

We hope that you enjoy this special and unique addition to the Electric Trucks line-up in Euro Truck Simulator 2! We eagerly await our community's feedback on its quietness, acceleration, behaviour, and smoothness and hope you will enjoy experiencing a new energy in-game.

As previously talked about, transitioning to electric vehicles poses unique challenges in our virtual realm. While our team continues to work hard to support electric vehicles infrastructure, gas stations initially designed for traditional fuel vehicles, can't easily become electric charging stations without major modifications.

Currently, we're embarking on an experimental phase with our initial steps toward in-game electrification. That is why the Scania 40 S and 45 S BEV, along with a few other electric trucks planned for the future, will be introduced in a special mode and will be accessible only through the Quick Jobs section with delivery lengths limited to 350 km. In case you run out of power while on the road, we have implemented an emergency recharging service that can help you out for a fee. Our cautious approach ensures a smooth experience as we gradually integrate electric vehicles into our virtual world.

This update will not reset the in-game economy, so it may take some time for a quick job with the new electric Scania to appear in your game. Please be patient and allow some in-game time to pass if you don't see a quick job with this new truck right away.

We hope you enjoy trucking with the Scania S BEV in Euro Truck Simulator 2! Be sure to share your photos of your first journey with us and Scania Trucks on X/Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Until next time, keep on truckin'.

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